The safety of KPS employees is a major consideration and an integral part of our organization. Management and supervisory personnel are accountable for the safety of the employees working under their supervision and will be expected to ensure that all operations are conducted in a safe manner at all times. All management personnel are expected to practice the policy of seamlessly integrating operations and safety. Supervisors realize that no job is complete unless every safety precaution associated with the performance of that job has been taken likewise, employees are expected to follow safety work procedures and take an active part in protecting themselves, their co-workers and operations.

KPS is committed to a safe and healthful work environment. The Company’s safety and health program is designed to prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses, to protect Company property from damage and loss, and to ensure that the Company’s operations do not harm the safety and health of the general public.

Every supervisor and employee of KPS is required to support and adhere to the Company safety and health program and policies including a commitment to the safe practices and safety goals. Incidents reported in violation of the Company Safety and Health Policies are subject to disciplinary action.