Fishing Services & Rentals

When downhole problems delay operations or interrupt production, costs increase and profitability suffers. Our conventional fishing and casing exit are tailored for each challenge, helping operators reduce costs maintain productive reservoirs for the life of their wells.

Our extensive product line includes:

  • Open and Cased Hole Fishing Services
  • Sidetrack/Casing Exit Systems
  • Cutting and Milling Services
  • Under-Reaming
  • Plug and Abandonment Services
  • Circulation Systems
  • Packer Retrieval Services
  • Make and Break Bucking Services

Conventional Fishing
Our portfolio of conventional fishing technologies for cased and open hole operations includes the industry’s largest selection of fishing, milling, cutting, and specialty tools available. These field-proven tools and systems are designed to remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently so you can maximize production and minimize downtime.

Casing Exit Systems
Our field-proven casing exit systems enable one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions, ensuring operators can reach previously uneconomical reserves and bypass trouble. With more than 1,000 successful runs, our wide selection of anchors, window mills, retrieving tools, section mills, underreamers, whipstocks, and accessory tools can overcome any challenge, no matter how complex. With KPS casing exit systems, you can access all areas of your payzone quickly, efficiently, and with minimum risk.