Casing & Tubing Running

All Equipment is maintained to the highest of standards recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Equipment is Load Tested and Inspected to current API and Industry Standards.

KPS Tubular Services offers a full range of hydraulic power tong systems which include self-contained hydraulic power units custom built and certified to the highest industry standards. manufactured by industry leaders to our own exacting specifications. These tongs cover a wide range of sizes and torque capacities from 2 7⁄8 ” tubing to 30″ large-diameter casing. Integrated hydraulic backups maximize accuracy and efficiency.
With power tongs ranging we are able to meet every customer specific requirements.

All power tongs are fitted with door safety inter-locks and tubing tongs with integral back-up systems ensuring optimum connection make-up (using a Torque Turn Monitoring System which monitors and controls premium connections and avoid overtorque/undertorque). 

In addition to our standard power tong range we are able to offer specialized power tong systems such as the Chrome jaws system for the non-marking of CR tubular in all sizes of Tubing. This system does not leave die marks that damage chrome tubular and degrade performance.